When a house goes up in flames, it’s up to you

When the house goes down, it is up to the builder to build it back up, said Vimal Srinivasan, managing director at a construction company.

The builder’s responsibility is to take care of the house, to keep the property safe, to do whatever is necessary to keep it safe, he said.

The builders are responsible for installing the wall panels, which have to be installed in the right places.

The flooring must be placed correctly and the flooring and the ceiling must be square.

And, as the builder puts it, you can never put up a roof without a roof.

Srinivasan said that if a building has a roof and you do not install the panels correctly, you could end up with an expensive mess.

It can also lead to serious damage to the house.

If you don’t install the roof correctly, the house could collapse, Sriniva said.

And that is the responsibility of the builder.

“The house cannot be built without a lot of care and attention.

The roof should be built as a safety measure and you should not build a house without it,” Srinibasan added.

The house that is demolished will be put up for sale and the builder will be paid for the costs of the building.

Srithika, the builder of the home, said that he has built his house in a way that is very simple, to be very economical.

If the house is torn down, he has to pay for the demolition and will be forced to sell it.

When it was built, Srathika said that his main goal was to make it affordable and cheap.

“We didn’t want to go to any expensive places to sell our house,” he said, adding that the house was built with just 50 rupees ($6.75) of the government’s funds.

He has paid a premium for the house and the house’s value has risen.

Now he is looking for buyers who are willing to pay more for it.