How to make your own waterbed

The first thing I do is set up a bucket, fill it with water and put the bucket in the tub.

Then I start laying out the shelves.

I put a sheet of plywood on top of a large sheet of white cardboard, and the water will stay where I put it.

After a couple of days, I lay out a large wooden bench that has a bucket and an iron.

Then I turn it upside down and put in the shower rack, and I have a shower.

Here’s what I do to make the bathtub shelf work: I attach a shelf on the back of the tub with two pieces of wood that match the colors on the bath tub.

I use the same size piece of ply for the wood so that it will fit inside the tub, as well as two of the pieces of the wood.

Now, when I’m done, I have my tub.

The bathtub will be the same color as the bath, so I can make the shelf the same.

You can get these shelves made for a few bucks on Amazon, or you can make your very own by buying plywood, sanding it down, and drilling holes for the shelf.

I also make a custom bathtub by cutting and sanding the wood into the shape of a triangle and adding a large, heavy, circular piece of wood to the front of the bath.

I sand it down with sandpaper, and then I put in a shelf.

I like to keep the water inside the bath as much as possible, so the water gets trapped in the triangle and sinks to the bottom of the shelf, where it stays.

You can see the end result on my blog.