How to make your own wall shelf unit from scratch

A few weeks ago, I posted a recipe for a wall shelf I made myself for my office desk.

It looked like this, but it was a lot easier to build yourself than it looks on the shelf.

The whole process took me just under an hour, but once you’ve built it, you’ll be able to keep it in your desk and still have space for your favorite documents and your personal items.

I love to use my desk for presentations and videos, but I can always go to the library, or just take a walk or take a shower.

I’ve had a few people ask me to make their own wall shelves, but this time I was really motivated to make them.

I’m happy to share that I made two of them for my own office.

I’ll share the other one later in this article, but for now, I’ll just show you how to build them.


A DIY wall shelf for your desk You’ll need: a piece of wood (I used a piece that had been salvaged from my desk) a piece you can cut out a few inches (about 1.5 centimeters) long and 1.25 inches wide (about 2 centimeters) for the shelves base, a piece or two of foamboard (I didn’t use much) two or three 1-inch screws, some screws to hold the shelves in place (you could use glue or a small flat file) a few nails for securing the shelves to the desk (you can buy this at Lowe’s or Home Depot) some duct tape or rubber bands to hold them in place 1.3-liter bottle of nail polish (optional) 3-foot piece of foam or rubber tubing to attach to the base of the shelf, about an inch in diameter (or a few centimeters) (I had some leftover foam for a foam board on the table) a small hole drilled in the bottom of the foam board to hold a piece (you’ll need to drill a little hole in the foamboard) a bit of duct tape to hold it in place or two large nail clamps to secure it to the wall shelf base, and some tape to secure the ends of the shelves together 1.4-inch x 2-inch square of foam board (optional but good for securing them) a wire to tie the foam boards together (you might want to buy some wire clamps that come with your nail polish) A nail drill or a hammer (optional, but good to have) and some scrap metal to drill holes in the wall to mount the shelves, or to attach them to the ceiling and keep them from falling off the wall.


Building your DIY wall shelves for your office 1-3.

You can use a drill or some other tool to cut out the holes for the shelf bases.

I had leftover foam on the floor and cut out small strips of foam for the base, but you can use any wood that you can find.

I used a 1-1/4-foot (1.25-cm) square of wood and used two nails for each hole.

I also drilled a few holes in one of the pieces of foam, so that I had room for the rest of the legs to attach, and used some nail clamp to attach the foam to the top of the shelving.


Cut out the shelf pieces.

For the first shelf, I used scrap wood for the bases and foamboard for the sides.

I drilled a small, 5-inch hole in one piece of board for each shelf, and I used two screws to secure them to one of two holes.

I attached the shelves legs to the foam by cutting a small piece of plastic from the back of one of those legs, then using a small screwdriver, I attached it to a piece, then I screwed it onto the shelf piece.


Cut the foam pieces out of the wood.

I cut the pieces in half, so I could cut them in half lengthwise to make two pieces.

I made one shelf for each leg of each shelf I cut out, then used a small nail clamp to attach those pieces to the shelf base.

I glued the pieces together by holding them in one hand, then holding the other hand over the shelf and pressing them together, so the two pieces would be facing the right way.

I put them in the oven to set, and then I covered them with duct tape, and put a few pieces of plastic on top of each to keep them out of my way.


Cut your foam board.

You will want to use a 1/4 inch (2.5-centimeter) square for each piece of plywood, since I used scraps of plastic that were laying around on the kitchen countertop.

I grabbed two pieces of ply from a box and cut them out, but the scraps I used were just a bit too thick to hold on.

You may have to cut them into strips

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