What you need to know about India’s ’emerging’ space program

Indian space agency ISRO has unveiled a new set of spacecraft for space exploration, launching a pair of spacecraft and a probe to the moon.

The spacecrafts, known as the VSS Vikram Sarabhai Spacecraft (VSS-V) and the Vikram Arpiviruses Satellite, will make the trip to the lunar surface by using the rocket and spacecraft, respectively, that are still being developed.

The VSS Sarabhi Spacecraft is based on a Russian Soyuz rocket, and is designed to take a crew to the Moon.

This will be the first Indian rocket to reach the lunar orbit.

It will also carry a probe that will test out a lunar lander.

The probe is called Arpiva, after the Sanskrit word for moon.

It is the first time the ISRO had launched a spacecraft to the far side of the Moon from a Russian rocket, a move that will give it a leg up over its European rival.

The Vikram-Viktor project is also a project by ISRO, which is responsible for the launch vehicles for both Russian and European satellites.ISRO has also announced a new series of satellites to be launched in the next three years, to be named after its lunar mission.

The satellites, dubbed VSS-1 and VSSs-2, will orbit the Moon on Soyuz rockets, and will be launched from an operational launcher in Sriharikota, India.

They will be made from a mix of Russian and Indian rockets.

The Vikram Spacecraft will launch the VGSAT-1 reconnaissance satellite.

The satellite is expected to make a series of flybys of the lunar and planetary regions, collecting data on the geology, atmosphere, and surface features.

The data will help scientists better understand the moon’s habitability and geological history.

The VGSATS-1 will be a scientific research satellite, and the VCSAT-2 will be for scientific monitoring.

The mission’s launch will be in 2019.

The ISRO’s VSSV Vikram Vikramar, the rocket that launched the VKS-1 spacecraft, has been retired after a year.

The agency had originally planned to send a Soyuz-3A rocket to the orbit of the moon by 2020.

But a series

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