Shelf fungus fungus found on Kallax shelved shelf

A shelf fungus has been found on a Kallaxis shelf in Sydney, it’s believed.

The kallax has been identified as the second fungus to grow on the shelf.

“I don’t think there’s any other species on the shelves, we haven’t got any other fungi, I’m pretty sure there’s not going to be any, it’ll be a surprise when we get home,” the mother of three told ABC Radio Sydney’s Breakfast program on Tuesday.

The shelf fungus was found on the Kallak shelf of the Koolanabrews in Sydney’s west on February 22.

The Kallaflix fungus grows on a shelf and is believed to be the second to grow there.

It was found growing in the shelf after the shelf was closed for renovations.

The mother said the shelf should be considered a closed storage area, but she wasn’t sure why it was open to the public.

“We’re just hoping it’s just a one off and it’s not something that’s been on the walls for years,” she said.

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