IKEA lacks shelf for its shelves,window sills

A major retailer has unveiled its first floor of shelving and shelving shelving for its stores, a move aimed at making its shelves more functional.

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has unveiled the first floor, dubbed IKE-O, of a four-storey shelving unit at its flagship store in central London.

The floor, which has a floor length of 50 metres, will include a window sill, shelf and window sill.

It is part of the company’s strategy to develop more functional shelving, and is aimed at offering customers more space to store their belongings, said Jörg Schubert, a senior vice president at IKEa.

The space in the building will also be accessible for those who need to store more than a few items, he added.

Schubert said the space will be open to those who do not want to have their shelves in a corner of their store, but do not mind having a large space to display their items.

The space will also allow employees to store the furniture in their offices.

The store has already been built, and the next stage will be to bring in a larger number of the units, he said.

Earlier this month, the company revealed it was planning to expand its existing IKE A store in New York, and planned to start to open a new store in the United Kingdom in 2019.

The new IKE store will be built on a three-storeys building, with the first four floors being designed by architectural firm Rheinmetall in partnership with IKE, which will supply the first and second floors, respectively.

The new store will have a retail space for 1,000 items.

Last year, IKE said it planned to open its first UK store by the end of 2020.