This ‘Shelf Mushroom’ Is Just the First of a Massive Range of ‘Shelicers’

We’re not talking about a small mushroom here.

These are really huge, beautiful, thickly-sparse, long-lived mushrooms that are found throughout Europe.

They’re also incredibly beautiful and are usually the first thing you see when you walk through a garden in the autumn.

We have to admit, we haven’t been able to photograph these specimens.

However, our research has shown that these fungi can be easily identified by looking at the shape of their cap.

When we put them in the microscope, we can easily see the shape and size of the mushroom.

The mushrooms grow very tall and narrow and are often found in open spaces.

When you look at a typical mushroom, its cap is about 1.5 cm long, 0.8 cm wide and about 0.1 cm thick.

When a mushroom is photographed in the dark, the cap tends to be much larger, and its edges and tips are a darker shade of brown.

But if you take a close look at the microscope image above, you can see that the mushroom has a dark outline that is similar to a corrugated tin.

It’s easy to see that these mushrooms are pretty distinctive.

They have large, pointed tips and have a thick, brownish cap.

This is the first of many photographs of these mushrooms that will be published in the next few months.

We’ll also be releasing photographs of the mushrooms in more natural settings such as the woods and gardens.

You can see more photos of these beautiful mushrooms here.

If you are planning to visit a farm, we’d recommend having your photos taken at the end of the season and using our free software to create a beautiful image that shows you all of the different species of mushrooms you will encounter.

The images below show what we call ‘shelf fungi’.

You can download a free ‘Sheaf Mushroom’ printable template here.