Ikea glass shelves: Where to find your next Ikea storage shelf

IKEA has launched its new shelves for its industrial, commercial, and residential spaces, and in some cases it’s gone beyond just the shelves.

The company has unveiled a series of shelves for use in different applications, including in office spaces and residential areas.

In its new industrial spaces, which it announced this week, the company has added a glass shelf on the ceiling to display items such as the IKEB coffee mug, the Ikea TV and DVD player, and the Ikea laptop and tablet.

The shelves will be able to be placed in different locations in the space, so that customers can easily access items like TVs, DVDs, or even computers.

Ikea says the glass shelves will offer a better view of the items in the room, and also be easier to remove.

The company also added a wood shelf on top of the glass shelf to store the IJOE brand, a brand that it has been working on for the past couple of years.

The wood shelf is made from oak, so it will be harder to damage and will keep the wood safe, Ikea said in a statement.

It’s not the first time the company’s been making its glass shelves available to the public.

Earlier this year, Ikeas own company, Ikebukuro, announced it would be bringing the glass to stores, starting in 2017.