How to get the best games for VR, with an in-depth guide

Polygon has been working on the next version of the Polygon VR guide, with the aim of bringing you up to speed on the latest VR games.

We’ve added new sections for VR and AR gaming, a full breakdown of what to expect from each category and the best VR games to buy right now. 

The guide is also getting a new, in-house VR editor to help users create, edit and share VR content with other Polygon staff members, as well as an in house VR website.

Read morePolygon is currently looking for a creative director, and as we mentioned above, we are looking for an experienced person who is passionate about the industry and can bring the best ideas to the table. 

If you’re interested in becoming a Polygon Staff Writer or contributing to the guide, send your CV to the PolytronVR team at [email protected]