You Can Make Your Own Bamboo Shelf from Bamboo, Shelf Brackets and Packing Tape!

If you’re looking for a little bit more flexibility and flexibility in your DIY bamboo shelf projects, this article might just be the guide for you!

I love to use bamboo shelf brackets to attach the shelves to my kitchen shelves, so I thought it might be useful to have a bit of a guide for those of you that are a little more experienced in DIY bamboo shelves.

If you’re not sure how to assemble the bamboo shelf you are looking for, then you can use my Bamboo Shelves and Shelves & Shelves (which is my own blog) to do a quick DIY bamboo shelving tutorial.

I have a very easy step by step guide on how to make bamboo shelves from a bamboo shelf to the shelf brackets you need.

This article will show you how to use the bamboo brackets to hang shelves from your kitchen shelves to make DIY bamboo wood shelf brackets.

Once you have a few shelves attached to the bamboo shelves, it’s time to add a lot of packing tape.

You will need to put about 12 or so pieces of packing to the bottom of the shelves, and then use some of the packing tape to attach it to the back of the bamboo shelves.

You will also need to attach two strips of wood to each end of the wooden bracket.

The back of a bamboo shelve (top) with a wood shelf (bottom) on it.

To make the brackets you will need:  1/2 inch of 1/4″ plywood 1/2″ of 1″ bamboo dowel or pine core (optional) 1″ of 4mm wood dowel 1 1/8″ of 2.5mm wood core (not pictured) You can also use a dowel, but the dowel should be thick enough that it won’t tear your wood.

Start by attaching the bamboo dowels to the two pieces of plywood you already have.

Then, make a notch in the middle of each dowel to accommodate the bamboo bracket.

Next, cut out a piece of 1 1/16″ ply for the back.

You can use any piece of ply you like.

Attach the bamboo core to the dowels and to the wood core.

Use packing tape or some sort of adhesive tape to secure the bamboo wood dowels together. 

This is a picture of the back side of the shelving with the wood back side attached.

Put about a dozen bamboo dowles on the top of each bamboo shelf.

I usually glue a piece or two of packing in place on the bottom so the bamboo can sit down.

I then glue some packing tape in place of the dowles so that the wood dowles are not sticking out.

Make sure to add at least a few feet of packing for each bamboo piece you add.

Next attach the wood shelf bracket. 

Attach the wood brackets to the top bamboo shelf with a bit more packing tape than you normally would. 

Place a few strips of packing at each end, making sure to secure them by using some of your packing tape (or some sort) to keep them from sliding around. 

After the shelf is attached to your bamboo shelves you can attach the bamboo strips to the ends of the wood braces and to your wooden shelf. 

Next, attach the two bamboo shelves to your wood shelves. 

To make a little extra room, I like to attach my bamboo shelves and shelves to a piece that will be used for the top wood shelf.

You should be able to get away with just a couple strips of 4 mm wood core to attach them to the shelves.

 Here is the end result.

As you can see, I have a couple bamboo shelves attached with a wooden shelf on top of them. 

Here is a shot of the top and bottom of one of my bamboo shelved shelves (top).

I attach the bottom shelf with packing tape, so it won´t slide around.

 You can see that the wooden backside of my wood shelves has been glued in place and is sticking out to the sides. 

The back side has been painted to match the back surface of the shelf.

Here is another shot of one side of my wooden shelved shelf.

The picture shows how to attach a wooden section of wood with packing.

After the wooden section has been attached to a wooden portion of my shelved wooden shelf, you can also attach the other wooden section to the wooden shelf with the bamboo plank. 

You will need a piece 3/4 inch thick of wood, about 6 inches long, about 8 inches wide, and 3/8 inch thick.

Using some of my packing tape on the ends and a couple of bamboo dowle strips, I attach a section of wooden dowel on the end.

When you are done, you will have something that looks like this.