The Ikea Kallax shelves are a great way to save space and money on your shelves

When you are looking for a new shelf for your apartment or office, you need to consider what type of space you are getting.

You can get a decent amount of space with an average sized shelf and smaller ones are going to be better.

However, there are some other options that will provide you with a little more space and also make the most of the space you have.

These options are smaller, smaller and even more affordable.

Ikea has a couple of different models of shelves available for sale.

They have one for sale at the beginning of each month and you can also pick one up from their website for $15.

If you have a few different sized shelves and you want to make sure that you have something to fit all of your living spaces, you might want to consider picking up the Kallexas or the Kalla.

These are smaller versions of the Kalls, and they also come in a range of different sizes.

The Kallxas are smaller than the Kalliks, and the Kallas are slightly smaller.

If your space is smaller than you would like, you can always buy a different sized Kalla.

You also have the option of picking up a larger Kallxa at a discount.

This is something that I think will be of great use to you, and I am sure that if you do decide to pick up a Kallixa, you will be able to save a lot of money.

However you choose to go, you are going be looking at a good amount of shelf space, and you are not going to need to spend much money on it.

Ikeas smaller version is the Kellax and is a little less than two feet wide, which is about one-third of the size of the Ikea.

This Kallaxe has a little shelf that goes underneath it and is about the size that you would normally find on a standard Kallalea.

It is a good option if you want a little extra space on your small shelf.

You will also want to look into the Kalax, which has the same dimensions as the Kallo but a much smaller shelf.

This smaller version of the shelf has a shelf that is just one-quarter the height of the previous one.

You might find that you can get away with getting this version of a Kalla instead of the regular Kallala, and this version is about two feet shorter than the previous version.

You are looking at about the same amount of storage space as you would get with a Kallo, but this Kalla has a much larger shelf.

Lastly, you could pick up an Ikea Kalla, which I have reviewed.

It comes in a variety of different size and finishes, and it comes with a storage shelf.

However if you are interested in picking one up at a cheaper price, you should definitely consider a Kalo.