When I first heard about the new ‘Rope shelf’, I was a little sceptical

I’ve just received my new new vinyl records from Record Shops in Perth.

I had been wanting to record music for some time now but I didn’t know where to start.

 The shelves at my local record shop were very old and they were mostly made of cardboard.

They were all covered in plastic which made them hard to clean up.

I went and got a bunch of old record sleeves and started collecting them.

As I’ve mentioned, I had a lot of record sleeves but didn’t really know where or how to get them.

I’d never heard of the term ‘record shelf’ before and when I saw the name ‘Ropes’ I just thought it was a funny name.

When I saw a few photos of the racks and shelves, I knew I was onto something.

The vinyl is in great condition.

I’ve already had it sent to my local Record Store for a test run.

It’s a nice looking shelf.

A few photos taken with a small tripod at the front of the rack.

Rope, Record, and a label with a sticker on it.

On the side of the shelf is the label ‘MIDNIGHT’.

The labels are from the 1970s.

This is the shelf I got for free.

Another photo of the record shelves from the record shop I had.

Looking over at the shelves.

There is no way to see where the record players sit on the shelves, but they are all very easy to find.

At the back of the vinyl, you can see the record player.

Two photos of my old record player sitting on a shelf. 

The old record store shelf I found. 

This is a picture of my new vinyl record player in my living room.

You can also see that the record store shelves are covered in stickers.

An old vinyl record playing.

These labels are a little hard to read but you can tell they are from an era when records were played on the record.

One of the labels is ‘KIRK KIRK’ which means ‘Ladies of KIRKEN’.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard of Kirk Kirk.

“KIRKEN” is a popular name for a new genre of vinyl that emerged in the early 1990s.

It’s a new sound with a very catchy and catchy beat.

In the late 1980s and early 1990’s, the sound of vinyl was quite different to what you find today on CD and MP3 players.

Many of the artists in the new genre were known for being a bit experimental.

Kirk Kirk’s record label was the same as today.

All of the records are in great shape.

Here’s the back.

What a good looking record player!

The record player has a sticker.

Lets look at it more closely.

Can you tell how this record player is made?

You’ll need a tape measure and ruler.

Start by laying a tape mark on the back side of your vinyl record. 

Then trace the label on the front side of each record.

I’m marking it with a marker.

Now put a tape on the bottom side of a piece of cardboard (not the top, as it’s more fragile). 

Use your ruler to mark the length of the label.

Then trace on the label where you want to place the label sticker. 

Once you have the label location marked, you’re done! 

You can use a ruler or tape measure to mark where the label is to start with.

Keep your record player level. 

If you need to remove it, you’ll need to hold the tape mark with the ruler or ruler. 

Don’t forget to turn the record over on its side. 

It will fall off easily if you tilt the record backwards.

If you do, just tilt it back again. 

You’re done with the label placement. 

Now you can mark where to place your label sticker in the record by going up to the backside of the disc and using your ruler.

You’ll probably want to mark around the edge of the back cover. 

Take your tape measure (or ruler) and trace the line on the disc side of that label. 

Using a ruler, trace the edge with a pencil. 

Repeat for the label edge. 

Mark the line for the backcover. 

Finally, mark the label for the front cover.

With this done, you should have your labels marked on the top and bottom of the front. 

I have a couple of records sitting on my record shelves and I’ve found a few stickers for a few records. 

Some records I have no idea where to put the labels on. 

Another thing I’ve been doing with vinyl records is taking pictures of the inside of the case

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