What to know about the new Washington Post ad that has become a meme

The Washington Times published a new ad that features a smiling cartoon boy saying, “Don’t take a photo of the Washington Post with your smartphone.”

The cartoon boy is clearly trying to be cute, but he’s really not being very cute at all.

It’s actually kind of creepy.

The Washington Paper’s new ad is the latest example of the new trend of memes.

There are a lot of them.

One of them, called “The Washington Post,” is about how the Post is a terrible place to visit.

That is the same meme that spawned the “The New York Times” meme.

And yet, the ad has a lot going for it.

It has a smiling child, who is clearly not trying to act as if he’s the center of attention.

And it has a narrator that says “Don (or do I need to say this)?”

The ad is also pretty funny.

Here’s how it started: “Don, I’m a cartoon boy.

I love the Washington paper, but the world isn’t what I imagine it to be.”

The ad begins with a quote from the cartoon boy, which the ad then uses to demonstrate how the world is really not what it seems.

“Don,” the narrator says, “that’s the world.

There’s a lot to be said for the kind of place we live in.

Don, this is the Washington post.”

The narrator then takes a photo.

He then asks, “What’s in that photo?”

The viewer is left to wonder.

Why is he asking?

The ad then shows a montage of real life locations, such as the Post Office and the Capitol, as well as real people, such a “Washington Post reporter” and a “postmaster general.”

The Post’s logo appears in the background.

The ad ends with the caption, “This is the real Washington Post.”

It’s a nice, humorous way to get to the core of the ad’s message.

The problem is, the meme is wrong.

The meme is actually based on an actual quote from a real person who has said that.

“The world is not what I imagined it to have been,” Washington Post editor and publisher Katharine Graham said in a statement on Friday.

“We did our best to create a compelling and funny image that is representative of the world as it really is, and we hope it will be a symbol of how our journalism is shaping the conversation around the world.”

Here’s a more detailed explanation of what the meme actually means.

In other words, the Washington Times ad is a caricature of the newsroom and its people, and the Washington cartoon boy isn’t trying to have a good time.

He’s trying to convey something.

But that something is wrong, because it’s not what he’s saying.

That’s not how the meme really works.

The real person in the cartoon is actually a cartoon, and a cartoon is not a real thing.

In the real world, there is no such thing as a real cartoon.

That, to say the least, is a big deal.

But the Washington Paper ad is actually pretty hilarious, if not accurate, because the cartoon person is not trying very hard to be funny.

He just is.

The cartoon shows a picture of a smiling Washington Post cartoon boy and a smiling Post staff member, but then the cartoon stops and the staff member looks at the boy and says, in a low voice, “The real Washington post is still alive and well.”

The Washington cartoon is clearly making a big impression on the viewer.

He doesn’t say much, but it’s obvious that the cartoon has a huge audience.

The Post then presents a montaged video of real people who are real journalists and real people in real situations.

“I can’t believe you guys would say that, huh?

The Washington post doesn’t just mean Washington, DC.

It means all of us, and everyone in the country.

It also means all Americans,” the cartoon says.

The image then switches to a smiling, smiling Post cartoon reporter, and they’re both laughing.

“You know, I’ve had it all my life,” the Washington cartoons says.

“And here I am, in the Post, working as a cartoonist, doing my job, as an American.

It doesn’t matter who I am.”

“It’s not the way we’re meant to live,” the Post cartoon says, as the cartoon character is looking at the Washington picture.

“It doesn’t even feel right.”

The real-life Washington cartoon then says, to the Washington reporter, “You’re right, it doesn’t feel right.

You have no right to ask us about it.”

The image switches to the cartoon saying, in response, “I know it sounds like a big statement, but I have to tell you, you really shouldn’t ask me about it.

We’re the Washington newspaper, we’re not meant to discuss anything about the real country we live.

I’m just here to take pictures.”

The caption then states

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