What’s the secret behind the toilet shelf at your local grocery store?

I just got home from a job interview with a major company and I have been spending a lot of time looking at the toilet shelves at my local grocery stores.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a big deal because the toilets have a very limited shelf space. 

They have to be stacked so that they fit on a shelf, but there is one major problem.

The toilet is a flat slab of concrete with a flat base.

This means that the toilet can’t slide down into the middle of the shelf.

This is a big problem because toilets are not designed to slide down on the shelf like a regular toilet. 

I got home and found the toilet was just as crooked as my previous job interview.

I looked through my previous projects and found that my previous toilet project had been a failure, so I decided to put together a new one that would be better. So I did. 

The project included cutting out a new toilet with a circular base and a small flat top that slid into the toilet.

The end result is the toilet that I’m proud to show you today. 

Here’s the toilet with the circular base in the middle. 

That’s a toilet that’s been completely redesigned for a better future. 

This is the new toilet that you can see in the video above. 

In the video, I show you how to do the actual cutting out of the toilet base. 

Then I show the steps involved in making that new toilet.

I was able to make the toilet from the floor of my garage and put together this prototype toilet.

This video is a bit longer than the one I showed on Instagram but it covers everything from cutting out the base, to the actual project.

 Now that the prototype has been finished, I have to say that I am really impressed with how well this project turned out.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is a great toilet to have on hand when you need to replace your toilet.