A vinyl record store on the corner of the world’s most famous intersection is in the works

A vinyl store is coming to the corner in West L.A. The site, which will be called Vinyl & Co., is set to open on the west side of Sunset Boulevard on February 1, 2017.

The company plans to offer vinyl records, CDs, and digital downloads.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the store is the first store in the city to offer digital downloads and vinyl, and is the second in the world to offer both formats.

The store is located at 3333 Sunset Blvd., and it will offer a variety of vinyl-related products, including a music and art station.

“It’s a place that celebrates and celebrates the vinyl culture,” company founder and founder, Joe Vibes, told the Times.

“The idea is to bring music back to people’s homes.”

The company is set up with a partnership with local record labels, including Capitol Records, and vinyl records will be available in the store.

The vinyl shop will also be open for a short time during a few weeks.

According the Times, Vinyl & Company will have a full-service bar, music and entertainment area, as well as a store that specializes in vinyl.

The project has been approved by the city’s Historic Preservation Office.