When a pet shop owner told me to “go back to the land of the wild,” I was shocked

I’ve been in the pet store business for over 30 years.

In my experience, the most common pet shop advice is to keep your pet on a leash.

However, I know for a fact that a lot of pet owners are actually the ones who don’t follow that advice.

One day a pet owner told us that we should go back to nature, where we have the freedom to roam free and free.

“When you have freedom to be outside, you don’t need to be chained to a leash, you can be out,” she said.

When I asked her what she meant by that, she said, “You have freedom of movement.

You don’t have to be confined to a pen, cage, or any other type of restraint.

That is where you can go, if you want to.”

She then went on to tell us how to get started in getting out of the house, and what to look for when doing so.

I was floored.

The pet shop I work at was the only one that said this.

When I asked what they thought of pet shops that said that it’s best to go to the countryside, I got a little more confused.

A few days later, I was driving through the countryside with my friend, and he stopped in front of a small roadside shop that sells local and imported pet supplies.

The owner told him that he should come back for his pet supplies because he needed them in time for his daughter’s graduation.

I had a hard time believing it.

We were driving past a small village with a small population, and yet we had a pet store owner say we should come out and look for pet supplies?

What was she trying to tell me?

I asked the owner if she meant that we shouldn’t go outside because we don’t know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, and she said no.

The next day, when I drove through a different village with no wind, no snow, and a slightly warmer temperature, I saw an old woman with her dog.

She explained that the weather would be very different tomorrow.

She said we should stay inside because the wind was very strong.

She pointed out that there was no way we were going to get out.

She didn’t want to go outside either.

But that didn’t stop her from saying that we needed to go look for her pet supplies today.

Later, as I drove back down the road with her, I had a similar experience when I stopped to look at some of the pet supplies in the shop.

The old woman said that we could go back outside and she would be happy if we came out to look.

So I took a different approach.

I asked if she wanted me to go out to the fields.

She told me that we would have to walk and not walk everywhere.

That night, we drove around in circles.

The wind picked up and I thought that it would be difficult for us to go back out.

But it wasn’t, and the wind picked back up again.

We were very happy to see her, and to see how much the weather had changed.

We found the supplies she needed and went to her house to collect them.

My friend and I were so grateful for this old woman’s generosity, and we were so proud to see the kind and caring nature of the shop owner.

After all, it’s hard to imagine the lives of some people without access to such a beautiful and beautiful place. 

The bottom line is, most pet stores will tell you that the best thing to do for your pet is go outside.

It’s so simple.

You just need to go with the flow.

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