Vinyl records: A black widow’s tale

A black-and-white book shelf in the basement of a West Texas house where a mysterious white widow has been haunting residents for years.

The black widow was described by residents as having a dark skin, long brown hair and a long nose, and had been seen sitting in the corner of a room on a warm evening when she would not come out.

The house, a four-bedroom home, is located in an affluent town in West Texas near the border with Mexico.

It is not known where the widow’s family lives or what is her business.

Residents told the Associated Press that the widow would often come to their door and ask if they were home, asking if they had heard from their neighbours.

The family has been a mystery to the residents of the home for years, and police have said they do not believe there are any criminal suspects.

Residents said the widow, who was believed to be a resident, would leave the house on rare occasions, leaving a black paper towel hanging from her neck.

A resident who did not want to be named said the family is a “very small, very quiet family” and had no children.

They live in a modest house with an old white house on the side, and have a large backyard with a cow pasture.

Neighbours told the AP that the family has never been in trouble, but did not wish to be identified.