Watch: ‘The Hobbit’ Gets a Real-Life Update With Michael Caine

The first trailer for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” directed by Peter Jackson, is coming out tomorrow.

It features a new trailer for the new movie.

Check out the first trailer below, along with the full synopsis of the trailer, below.

“The Fellowship of the Ring” was a massive success for Peter Jackson and his vision, but the final film in the trilogy, “The Return of the King,” left a lot of things to be desired.

The story is set in Middle-earth and revolves around the return of two of the greatest heroes in Middle Earth history: Frodo and Sam.

This movie is a retelling of the story of the first trilogy, with new elements and elements that take place much later in the story.

Frodo, the hobbit, travels with Sam and Frodo’s nephew Sam the White, in search of his lost ring.

They discover it in the midst of the Battle of Five Armies and decide to keep it safe and well-kept for their friends and the Ringwraiths.

But the Ring, which the two of them must carry around their necks to get back to the Lonely Mountain, is a threat to Frodo.

In the end, Sam and Sam lose the Ring.

They are left with a choice: either return the Ring to the Fellowship of Ringwraith, or to give it to the evil Lord Sauron.

Sam, who is now an orc and not a hobbit anymore, decides to give the Ring back to Frod, Frodo who is the most powerful of the four Ringwraights, and is able to use it to fight Sauron for the first time.

Sam and his band of Merry Elves must defeat Sauron in order to bring the Ring into Middle-Earth.

“I think people are going to like it,” Jackson said when the trailer was first released.

“It’s very emotional and it’s very gritty.

It’s also very funny, because it’s a lot like ‘Hobbit’ in that sense.”

The trailer was filmed by director Michael Cera and will be released at 5 p.m.

ET on March 17.

“We had a lot in mind, and this is definitely the first one where we were really really inspired by that film,” Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“That was one of the main inspirations.

The music and the visuals are a great combination of the film and the music.”

The film will also be released digitally via iTunes on March 19, and a digital trailer will be available later on the same day.

The trailer also shows off the character of Frodo Baggins, who Jackson described as a “real character.”

“Frodo is very, very intelligent and very tough,” Jackson joked.

“He’s very strong-willed, and very determined.”

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