5 Ways to Build Your Own Christmas Tree with a Stovetop ikeas shelf,wick house,bed side,cabinet,wood side,wood stovetop,wood stoves

A wood stovetop is a great option for Christmas trees and other Christmas gifts.

Here are some ideas for how to decorate your home.

First, find a fireplace and attach a wood stove to it.

Make sure that you’re building the stovetop to stand on the stove top.

Next, build your own wood stove.

Use a fireplace grate or similar material that will support the stove while you’re working.

Add a wooden or aluminum base to the bottom.

This is to keep it from sinking into the bottom of the stove.

Make a wooden floor, too.

Next is to put the stove on the top of a wooden cabinet.

The cabinets should be level.

You can use whatever wood is in the house for this project.

You may have to cut out the cabinet’s corners and cut out a slot for the stove, too, if you want it to be decorative.

The cabinet should have a base and sides.

The base should be about 1/2 inch thick and the sides about 1 inch wide.

The bottom should be 2 inches from the top.

The stovetop should be at least 6 feet tall.

Finally, add a wood cabinet to the stove and set it on top of the cabinet.

You’ll want to attach it to the side of the house, as well.

Here’s how you build a wooden stovetop.