“The Greatest Movie Ever Made” premieres on Netflix in December

“The greatest movie ever made” is coming to Netflix in 2016, the streaming service announced on Tuesday.

The movie is “a new, bold, groundbreaking film that tells the story of a boy who discovers a mystical book called The Book of the Dead, and learns the story behind the War of the Worlds and the first world war,” the streaming site said in a statement.

“It’s a rare and special moment for us to share this story with audiences,” Netflix President Reed Hastings said in the statement.

The film follows the story “of a boy from the future who learns about a book that could save the world and saves the world from itself,” and it will be released on Dec. 22.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing this groundbreaking story to Netflix,” Hastings said.

“We’re also delighted to have the world premiere of a new version of The Book, one that will bring the film to a new audience and bring this unique story to a whole new audience.”

The film will be a limited run for the streaming platform and is expected to reach over 300,000 subscribers globally by the end of 2016.