When are the NBA Finals going to get interesting?

The NBA Finals are only five games into their inaugural season, but the league has already made some changes to the way the series plays out.

First, the NBA will not allow its top-seeded teams to host a second-round series.

The league announced Wednesday that it will no longer allow the two best-seeds to face off in the Finals, instead, they will face off two times: once in the conference finals and once in a conference final.

The NBA’s scheduling guidelines change, with the league allowing only four playoff series a season to be played in the regular season.

The changes are a welcome move, as it makes the NBA’s regular-season schedule more predictable.

However, they also bring new questions about how the series will play out.

How will the series play out?

As of this week, the best-of-five series will begin the following week in Atlanta, with a series against the Heat and the Cavaliers following two days later in Miami.

That leaves just two games remaining in the first round, with one coming at the end of November.

What happens if the Heat win the series?

If the Heat lose, it will mean they’ll have to play three more games in a row in order to advance to the conference semifinals.

The next game would be the Cavs’ home opener against the Los Angeles Clippers, who beat the Spurs in the West semifinals last season.

If the Cavs lose in Miami, they would have to host the Knicks in New York for Game 7, which could be played on January 11 or 12, 2019.

The Knicks are a strong candidate to make the postseason, and they’re also the team with the second-best record in the East, with four wins in their last five games.

If LeBron James’ Cavaliers lose to the Heat in the second round, the Heat would play the Knicks again on January 6 in the best of seven series.

This means that the Cavs would face the Knicks four times in the playoffs and the Knicks would face them once in five.

What if the Warriors and Cavs win the Finals?

The Warriors would likely be eliminated, and the Cavs could host a Game 7 to advance.

However the Finals will also see the defending champion Warriors face the defending champs, the San Antonio Spurs.

That would leave the Cavs with the best record in both conferences and a game or two to make a run at the NBA title.

Who will win in the NBA finals?

It will be interesting to see who wins in the next few weeks, as each team has their own individual storylines and styles of play.

For example, the Cavs are known for their athleticism and the Warriors are known as a defensive team.

However LeBron James is coming off his third NBA Finals MVP, the MVP trophy he won with the Miami Heat, and Steph Curry has had an up-and-down season.

This year, the Warriors have been on the upswing, scoring more than 120 points per game, but Curry is averaging just 17.9 points per contest, and LeBron James has averaged 22.9.

This has made the Cavs a threat to score at will, especially on defense.

In Game 1, James outplayed Steph Curry in the paint, leading the Warriors to an 86-76 victory.

In the second quarter, James scored 17 points, and his 16 points were enough to send the Warriors on a 17-3 run.

The Warriors then put together a 15-0 run, but James’ 13 points were too much to overcome.

After the third quarter, Curry scored 15 points, including a career-high 17 rebounds, and added a career high 11 assists.

Both of these plays led to a 19-4 run, which sent the Warriors into a 10-0 hole.

The Cavs then went on a 16-4 spurt to take a three-point lead with 12:53 remaining.

That gave the Warriors a 14-point advantage, but they were unable to hold on.

With 4:13 left, Curry hit a 3-pointer to give the Warriors an 11-point cushion, and that was enough to seal the victory for the Cavs.

How about the Warriors?

They had their own unique story to tell in the series.

They’ve struggled with turnovers, but this season they’ve turned it around.

Steph Curry had the most turnovers in NBA Finals history, having four and a half.

The last time the Warriors had a season with three or more, they won the NBA championship.

The most turnovers Golden State has had in the postseason is seven, which occurred in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals against the Rockets.

In that game, Steph Curry led the Warriors with seven turnovers, including three steals.

The other Warriors’ most turnover-prone playoff game was Game 3 of the 2014 Western Conference finals, when the Warriors turned the ball over three times.

The only Warriors to ever have more turnovers than the Warriors this season is Andre Iguodala, who had four turnovers and two assists.

This season, the