What’s your favorite dish at McDonald’s? Top shelf pizza

McDonald’s is now offering a new menu option that lets customers order pizza on a shelf, rather than on the countertop.

The company’s new menu item, the All-American Flatbread, is a pizza with all-natural ingredients, topped with grilled onions, cheese, and pickles, and it’s priced at $9.99.

But you don’t have to pay for the pizza, which is free to the consumer, and is only available at the fast-food chain.

“Our Flatbread is the first of its kind to feature the full range of the McDonald’s family of menu items,” said Josh Brown, general manager of McDonald’s Food & Wine.

The new menu, the first since the restaurant began offering it in 2014, comes as McDonald’s beefs its image as a fast-casual brand with a new approach to dining.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s opened a location in Boston.

The brand also is in the process of launching a new restaurant concept called the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

McDonald’s has seen a steep rise in popularity in recent years, with McDonald’s restaurants now in more than 140 countries and serving nearly 70 million customers a year.

But while it’s a new concept for McDonald’s, it’s not new to fast-paced food.

McDonalds, which has been the nation’s largest fast-banking institution, opened its first location in Austin in 2011.

It also opened a second location in New York City, but only in the last year.