How to prevent your metal wall shelf from catching fire

The metal wall and other wall parts of your home can catch fire.

The best way to prevent a fire from developing is to prevent it from developing in the first place.

Learn how to prevent the development of a fire in your home.


Determine whether the wall is solid or flexible The solid part of the wall or other wall must be solid and not flexible.

If the wall has a hard surface, such as wood or concrete, it’s not a good idea to let it catch fire because it could lead to a fire hazard.


Use a fire retardant or fire extinguisher When you have a fire, it could spread quickly.

Deteriorating your wood or metal wall can help keep it from spreading further.

Determinate the problem and remove it as quickly as possible.

If you find that the problem has spread to other parts of the house, you may want to consider other ways to protect your home from spreading the fire.

Learn more about fire retardants and fire extinguishers.


Put out the fire The most effective way to contain a fire is to put out the flames.

There are a variety of methods that can help, including: a flammable paint canister: This type of fire extinguishing foam is designed to work best when used in a large, low-to-the-ground area, such a window, garage door or other area.

The foam should be placed in the flames and covered with a fireproof coating.

The canister should be heated for about 10 minutes to soften the foam and create a protective layer over the flames, allowing the flames to escape.

This type can be used to contain fires in the garage, in a bedroom, or in your living room.

The coating is meant to be removable, so it can be reused.