How to make a blanket shelf

The blanket shelf idea might seem obvious, but I’ve had some real trouble making it work.

The answer is not to simply cut a section of paper and cut out a piece of paper.

You need to put the two sides of the paper face-to-face and cut through.

You can also use a piece to create the base of the shelf, but you need to do that first.

Here’s how to create a blanket shelving unit with a paper template.

Step 1: Cut out your piece of template paper for the blanket shelf You can buy paper templates for a variety of different projects, but the one I use is from Creative Life.

Here are some ideas: I like this template because it has an opening to create space for the paper to roll out and a bottom for the cover.

It’s easy to place the paper in the opening and then place the cover on top of it.

This will help you position your template well and keep the whole thing from getting caught in the template.

It also has a nice smooth, rounded edge.

I like the way the paper folds over and over to create an uneven, triangular pattern.

Step 2: Cut your template out Step 3: Cut the template to size I like to make my template with a large, circular cutter.

It makes the cutting process a lot easier, and it also makes it easy to mark where the template ends and the paper begins.

If you’re doing the template out of cardboard, you can make the template slightly smaller.

I use a large round hole punch to punch out a template with this cutter, but this can also be done with a ruler.

Step 4: Fold the template into a rectangle Step 5: Cut each end of the template with the punch This will create the pattern you’re going to cut out.

The template should look something like this.

You should now have a rectangle with two pieces of paper that fit together and are parallel to each other.

The pattern you cut out should be about 12 by 12 inches.

It should look like this: You can see that the paper has folded over, so it looks like the two pieces are in a sort of cross-section.

I cut out the rectangle to fit into the template and cut the paper out of the middle of the rectangle.

Step 6: Cut and fold the paper You’re going do this step in the same order you did before.

First, fold the template up.

I usually fold it in half to create more room, but if you don’t want to do it that way, you could also fold it up into a square and then fold it back into its own rectangle.

Then, cut each of the four pieces of the cover, one by one, into squares.

Step 7: Cut template out again Step 8: Cut paper in half The paper will look like a square now.

Step 9: Fold all the paper into a triangle You want the triangle to be about the same size as the rectangle you just cut.

That means the triangle will be about a quarter-inch tall and about 1/2 inch wide.

It shouldn’t be a problem to cut the triangle in half.

I do this because I can cut the two triangles into triangles with my cutter.

The paper should be the same width, so I’ll cut out about 1 inch wide triangles and then make a 1/4-inch wide square out of it using the cutter.

Cut the square using the cutters and fold them into a perfect circle.

You’re done!

You can now use the paper template to make your own blanket shelves.

I’ve used a number of different templates, and I’m sure there are a few different ways to do this.

For example, you might be using the same template for both the inside and the outside of your blanket shelves.

That way, when you put your shelving on the shelf you can easily mark the corners and the sides.

If that’s not your plan, you’ll need to find a template that fits your specific needs.

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